I'm Kristin Korn.

Girl Mom + Coach’s Wife. Serial Entrepreneur. Obsessive Creative. Margarita Lover. Deep Introvert. Island Girl.

I am mostly known for creating scroll stopping graphics and logo portfolios.

My mission is to inspire entrepreneurs to step inside their {hidden} confidence to share their unique voice and promote their personal brand.

When I’m not logged in working you can catch me sitting on our back deck, sipping margaritas and watching our two girls play in the yard with friends. I love happy hour with girlfriends and will never pass up a Mexican meal.

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The Types of People I Work With...

  • … women and men of all ages who are over-worked and yearning for more time freedom. I share how owning a booming e-commerce global business will produce a residual income stream which allows them more time spent doing the things that bring them joy. Learn More.
  • … entrepreneurs who need direction on social media, content planning, graphic design and all other aspects to creatively market their business. Learn More.
  • … direct sales leaders who want to learn from others in the network marketing industry who’ve already accomplished what they want to achieve themselves.  Learn More.
  • … the unique small business owner looking to stand out on social media with a custom logo portfolio. Learn More.
  • ... e-learners who value the creative aspect of business ownership and understand the investment of online course education is necessary to their success. Learn More.

If you fall into any of these categories, let's connect. I'd be honored to help you live a life with purpose and freedom.


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Our Korn Crew Life

Our family of four humans + 1 cat live in a small Kansas town brought here by my husband's college coaching position.

His 14-year Division I coaching career has blessed us with many lifelong friendships, experiences and bucket list trips.

We dream of venturing out of the humid midwest to the dry, southern desert to enjoy warmer weather year-round. Our love is to travel and deposit new family memories. We usually visit the Caribbean at least twice a year and have become obsessed with the relaxed, gorgeous island life. So far our fav spot is Turks & Caicos Islands.


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